I had a colonial done in Thailand about a month ago and after the colonial they told me to take two turmeric pills and this is just really cheap turmeric this is not the expensive stuff cheap turmeric values I’ve ever had I’ve always had heartburn and food sensitivities and what happens is that I eat a lot of different foods besides the heartburn I also get very tired like it’s putting a lot of burden on my body.

pills with every meal and I don’t think it’s the colonial that fixed my digestive system I think it’s the turmeric because it’s been much better since then plus the colonial doesn’t get all the way up into my intestines and up into my stomach where I really have most of the problems so now I take turmeric with most every meal and it gets rid of those food sensitivities now I tried using the expensive turmeric from online doesn’t work the reason why there’s so little turmeric in that because they put it in a hospholipase and then most of it ends up just being lecithin and then let’s say it is better absorbed well guess what it’s absorbing in my upper very.